Our Changing World


I am hoping that you are all staying safe and are healthy. As we have all experienced over these past 6 weeks, life has changed. Things are different. Everywhere we turn our normal movements, tasks, schedules and day to day life have been changed. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken the world and shaken us all. As we move into week 7, it is hard to believe the impact that this virus has had on all of us.

For us – our business has certainly become quite different for 2020. We have been working hard on rescheduling many upcoming sessions, weddings and events. Although sad for us, we can hear and feel the sadness coming from our clients. In particular are our wedding clients. With the current Covid-19 pandemic that a lot of our couples are making some tough decisions, particularly with consideration of postponement.

First and foremost, we understand that everyone’s health is the main priority. We are taking precautions to ensure that we can adhere to all public health orders to keep everyone safe. Please know for all of our clients, we want to make this situation as easy as possible for you. Any existing bookings can be rescheduled without an extra fee. All of our clients have been contacted via email, so please double check if you haven’t heard from us yet.

For new clients this may mean we have a temporary hold on a date while our existing clients are able to finish rescheduling. Thank you for your patience.

Given the ongoing updates and changes from public health and the Alberta Government, if the virus is still spreading throughout the community during the time of your wedding, we will need to take precautions in order to protect ourselves as well as you and your guests. This situation is fluid and we are simply going to have to take this day by day.

On a personal level, my husband is immune compromised and Becky is a full-time nurse and is currently a frontline worker. We know first hand how important these measures are. As frustrating as they can be, please make sure to follow them.

I also wanted to share a little why I chose the image above. This was one Becky took on my wedding day in 2018. I was fortunate enough to have Carol from Alberta Boots create these custom boots for our July wedding that was during Stampede. I don’t know about you, but this Alberta girl’s heart broke a little bit extra this week with the announcement that the 2020 Stampede will be cancelled. I absolutely understand it’s necessary, it’s sad though. It was yet another hit to local businesses that are directly related to the Stampede events as well as ones who indirectly benefit from the influx of people to our city. We are still trying to support these small businesses in any way we can so that we can all make it through this.

Instead essential services are more important than ever. Our immediate families and homes are more important than ever. Being safe and finding sanity in our new normal is also important. If you have a usual schedule that is anything like mine, it is the most bizarre feeling not to get up and get in the car multiple times a day driving to many different places.

We will be all back together soon, and when we are there will be some pretty special memories and moments. We cannot wait to capture all of them!

Please keep us, and other local businesses in mind when Calgary reopens again.

Stay safe!


Paris in Calgary

Every photographer has a dream session or wedding that they’ve always wanted to be able to photograph. For us, it is a bride & groom around Christmas in Paris when it’s snowing. We’ve always imagined it, practically have every shot planned, and have yet to have the opportunity in Paris.

We have come close to our dream shoot though! We recently had the opportunity to photograph an engagement session, in the winter and at Christmas, at a Parisian-style bistro right here in Calgary, AB. Parc Café and Brasserie graciously hosted our session after a few photos at the McDougall center downtown. The best part about this session? Not only did we get to create photos that were as close to our dream shoot as can be in Calgary, but they are also some of my closest friends. There is something magical about creating beautiful images for two people that I truly care about. We absolutely cannot wait for their wedding next year!



PS – We were able to stay for dinner afterwards, and their food was amazing!

Calgary Engagement Photography at Parc Cafe

Nicole-Lynn Photography (2)Nicole-Lynn Photography (3)Nicole-Lynn Photography (4)

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Dec 11 – Engagement Session at the Bow Valley Ranche {Calgary Wedding Photographer}

Today we wanted to feature this lovely couple’s engagement session. These two are so much fun to work with and both Becky and I shared many laughs with them! We are honored to be able to photograph their special day next November!

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Dec 5 – Canmore Wedding at the Canmore Nordic Centre {Calgary Wedding Photographer}

Today is day 5 of our December photos. I wanted to share this beautiful wedding from this past summer at the Canmore Nordic Centre. It was a beautiful day and truly represented this wonderful couple, enjoy!

Lucas & Trina (1) Lucas & Trina (6) Lucas & Trina (157) Lucas & Trina (207) Lucas & Trina (11) Lucas & Trina (33) Lucas & Trina (45) Lucas & Trina (82) Lucas & Trina (190) Lucas & Trina (172) Lucas & Trina (168) Lucas & Trina (130) Lucas & Trina (132) Lucas & Trina (134) Lucas & Trina (139) Lucas & Trina (146) Lucas & Trina (154)

Calgary Elopement Wedding Shoot – {Calgary Wedding Photographer}

We absolutely love this couple; working with them was so much fun! A&G approached us with an idea to do a wedding shoot of just the two of them. Jetting off to Vegas to say I Do, they still wanted to create some beautiful images to last a lifetime. Their personalities definitely shined (including the groom’s awesome wedding ring!). Congratulations to a wonderful couple!

Ann & Gene (64)

Ann & Gene (58)

Ann & Gene (96)


Ann & Gene (34)

Ann & Gene (36)

Ann & Gene (113)


Ann & Gene (44)

Ann & Gene (48)

Ann & Gene (51)

Ann & Gene (66)

Ann & Gene (92)

Ann & Gene (87)