What to Expect at Our Boudoir Marathon

We are very excited to be hosting a boudoir marathon March 12 & 13, 2016. We absolutely love these sessions! They are filled with so much fun and laughter it is a great experience for anyone.


We are so excited to be hosting our March 12 & 13 sessions at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotels & Suites Calgary West in their gorgeous suite. This is the perfect setting to capture some gorgeous boudoir photos. They are located in North West Calgary and is easily accessible.

A Gorgeous You!

We are very luck to once again be working with Artistry by Bobi. Our sessions start with an hour hair and make-up session with Bobi. She is so incredibly talented, down to earth and has a great sense of humor! Plus she is absolutely amazing at making everyone we work with just feel that little extra bit beautiful (I can’t rave about her enough!).

Should You Participate?!

YES!!! Absolutely!!! Everyone can participate in our sessions. Mostly importantly, it’s important to remember that no woman is 100% perfect. Everyone has something that may hold them back from coming to one of our sessions. We use beautiful lighting, flattering poses and a bunch of humor that make the sessions so much fun. We work through your comfort level and end up having a great laughing time. It’s a strange thing, but every one of our clients says the thought of it is more nerve racking then the actual shoot.

Book Your Spot!

We have a limited number of spaces, but we want to make sure you get one! Call us (403) 988-2102, email us contact@nicolelynn.com or use our awesome booking calendar to snap up your spot!


We have three awesome packages. All the packages include your Hair & Make-Up, the Location as well as the session fee.

Boudoir Back



Boudoir Marathon – March 12 & 13

We are excited to have our spring boudoir marathon March 12 & 13! Once again, Artistry by Bobi will be providing full hair & make-up services. Sessions will be held at a hotel in the North.

Please contact us ASAP to reserve your place as space fills up quickly! contact@nicolelynn.com / (403) 988-2204

Paris in Calgary

Every photographer has a dream session or wedding that they’ve always wanted to be able to photograph. For us, it is a bride & groom around Christmas in Paris when it’s snowing. We’ve always imagined it, practically have every shot planned, and have yet to have the opportunity in Paris.

We have come close to our dream shoot though! We recently had the opportunity to photograph an engagement session, in the winter and at Christmas, at a Parisian-style bistro right here in Calgary, AB. Parc Café and Brasserie graciously hosted our session after a few photos at the McDougall center downtown. The best part about this session? Not only did we get to create photos that were as close to our dream shoot as can be in Calgary, but they are also some of my closest friends. There is something magical about creating beautiful images for two people that I truly care about. We absolutely cannot wait for their wedding next year!



PS – We were able to stay for dinner afterwards, and their food was amazing!

Calgary Engagement Photography at Parc Cafe

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Boudoir Marathon – Sept 13, 2015

We are so excited to offer our boudoir marathon Sept 13, 2015!

We have choose the gorgeous Calgary Upper Chamber for our day of sessions. To sum it up, it’s stunning. It has gorgeous architectural features and just really sets the atmosphere for these sessions.

Sessions start with an hour hair and make-up session with our wonderful make-up artist from Artistry by Bobi. She is incredibly talented, and is absolutely amazing at making everyone we work with just feel that little extra bit beautiful.

After that comes your photos. We work through your comfort level and end up having a great laughing time.

We are offering anyone who books prior to July 31 30% any package.

Contact us ASAP to reserve your spot contact@nicolelynn.com or 403-988-2204

Marathon Boudoir Back

Blushing Pink Photography Launch

We could not be more excited! Right now we are working on putting together our first ever boudoir marathon!!

In honor of the official launch of Blushing Pink Photography we are holding once in a lifetime sessions Sept 13, 2015

Make sure to sign up below to be the first in the know & the first to reserve a spot. (and keep an eye out, we will be announcing details shortly!)

YES! Sign me up to receive exclusive details!


It’s Mothers Day!

Don’t forget to celebrate Mom on Sunday May 10, 2015. Why not give her the gift of beautifully memories? We offer gift certificates in any denomination. I don’t think we have ever met a mom that wouldn’t LOVE to have a professional photo session of her family! (and for all the mom’s reading this, you may want to share as a subtle hint!). Contact us to purchase one at contact@nicolelynn.com or (403) 988-2204.

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Our Top 10 Favorite Photography Spots in Calgary

A question that we are frequently asked is, where is a good location for our photo shoot? The simple answer is that there are many great places in and around the Calgary area. Every special place, nook and cranny has it’s own unique features that can make for an interesting flare or an eye catching photo. Let’s face it though, the photos aren’t of the location, the most important part of the photo is the subject…..YOU!

Even with that being said, we do still have favorite locations. Locations that we have used time and time again, that offer different things in different seasons. Locations that help with the atmosphere and are a great starting place to work from. Below are our Top 10 Favorite Photography Spots in Calgary (in no particular order).


1. Spruce Meadows

Spruce Meadows is located in South West Calgary off of highway 22X. They are Calgary’s site of many horse jumping competitions and shows, seasonal markets & shows, as well as great venue spaces for Weddings and Events. The vast grounds offer great views of rural Alberta with great buildings, architecture, wooden fences, long rows of trees, well landscaped areas, & even old fashioned train cars.

We love this venue for it’s accessibility (if there isn’t an event taking place), it’s variety of photo areas & it’s beauty year-round.

 Lorn & Erica 42 Lorn & Erica 29 Lorn & Erica 14 Thurber (52) Thurber (6)

2. Steven Avenue (8th Ave)

Steven Avenue is located in the heart of downtown Calgary. This street is full of unique buildings and flare. Housing some of the oldest buildings in Calgary including the old bank buildings, it is the perfect backdrop for an urban flare.

We love this area for the mix of old & new, formal & casual, and always an aspect of the unexpected. If you are looking for an urban feel, this is definitely a great location!

 596D4906art 596D4952 Ann & Gene (64) Ann & Gene (96)

3. Heritage Park & Calgary Reservoir

Heritage Park Historical Village is located off of 14th Street in South West Calgary. The park is one of North America’s largest living history museums. For a photography location one of the greatest parts is the Haskayne Mercantile Block which is outside of the main park by the main park gates and doesn’t require admission. Inside the park there are also many great locations to take advantage of!

In addition to the park which is full of interesting historic buildings and fun amusement rides, it has a great view of the Calgary Reservoir and the paddle boat. The reservoir is another aspect to this location that can be utilized for a more natural setting.

We love this location for its historical atmosphere combined with the calming natural setting of the reservoir. It is also truly versatile and can be used from everything from weddings to casual family portraits.

596D0089 596D0128 596D8771 596D8849 JenNathan (58) Jess & Andy (95) Jess & Andy (115) Jess & Andy (166)


4. Riverfront Avenue & Memorial Drive

Riverfront Avenue & Memorial Drive is located on the North side of downtown. This area has beautiful views of downtown Calgary, the Bow River, as well as some great architectural features.

We love this location simply for the views of the Calgary skyline and the great architectural features.

large_b7dc1ffb6_Laranda_(85) large_c526ddd09_Laranda_(96)

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5. Bow Valley Ranch – Fish Creek Provincial Park

The Bow Valley Ranch in Fish Creek Provincial Park is definitely one of the most popular photo locations in Calgary. With its gorgeous historic ranch house, belonging to the late Patrick Burns, tall grasses, large trees and overall country feel you can definitely see why.

We love this location simply because of its country backdrop. What is more perfect then a country inspired photo shoot in Calgary?

Dupuis (14) Dupuis (40) large_b052a428f__MG_0139 large_aae725d5a__MG_0095 Berry (256) Berry (252) large_f4eca1270__MG_8660 large_028c07874__MG_8749

6. Baker Park

Baker Park is located in Calgary’s North West across from Bowness Park. This area offers large fields of green grass, views of the Bow River and some beautiful pergolas throughout the park.

We love this location because of it’s simplicity. It is manicured enough for wedding photos, but spacious enough for little ones to roam and run. It’s also gorgeous in every season. Truly a great location for all.

large_d9c5b2e5e_Santos__(1) large_0962e71f1_Santos__(12) large_f6e46d4cb_Santos__(56)

7. Inglewood

Inglewood is Calgary’s original main street. Located on 9th Avenue to the East of downtown. It offers an arts & culture scene mixed with an industrial vibe. The streets are lined with unique houses, interesting shops and restaurants, all with an industrial feel. It is Calgary’s oldest neighborhood and neighbors Fort Calgary.

We love this area for it’s industrial feel and versatility. It’s also a great area for themed photo shoots.

 596D3403 596D3396 596D3373 596D3156

8. Confederation Park

Confederation Park began with a, “…spring-fed creek [flowing] down what was once known at the “North Hill Coulee”…it was developed into this largely manicured park and golf course, and fortunately, with the wetland there remains a ‘taste of the wild’ in a city setting.

We love this location for it’s location in the North of Calgary off of 16 Ave. It is also a casual park full of gorgeous trees and a creek side scenery.

large_f1bab44ec__MG_3248 large_bc8cae921__MG_3306 large_be890022f_Campbell_(29) large_551eea263_Campbell_(37)

9. Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo is a combination of beautiful animal environments and landscaped botanical gardens. It is the home of many animals and a popular visitor destination of residences and visitors.

We love this location for the beautiful indoor and outdoor gardens and backdrops that allow for any weather scenario.

Jones (107) Jones (181) Jones (193) Jones (205) Jones (211)

10. Your Home!

There is no place more personal, more unique or more comfortable than your own home! Both inside and out all parts of your family home create a very personal backdrop to frame your memories captured in the photographs. Something that may seem so ordinary can often become the center of the most beautiful and creative photographs. As a bonus, no travel for you is required!

Gagan (1) large_d00c30682_Lisa_and_Dan__(14) IMG_3987 Parkinson (16) McQuarrie (47)

Nicole-Lynn Photography



(403) 988-2204

Dec 30 – Blushing Pink Photography {Calgary Boudoir Photography}

596D9056-2 596D8992-2 Blush Photography large_a5ee0fbc3_Lisa_and_Dan__(11) large_d00c30682_Lisa_and_Dan__(14) large_6d9e88d73_Amy_and_Brad__(11)For a while we have been working on fully launching Blushing Pink Photography. This is a fun side of Nicole-Lynn Photography that offers boudoir sessions. We have individual packages as well as blushing pink parties. These parties are a great way to have fun with your girlfriends, drink champagne, eat chocolate, get all dressed up and take some great photos! Here are some samples of these beautiful photographs!

Dec 29 – A Picture Perfect Way to Begin Your Engagement {Calgary Wedding Photographers}

Ever wondered about doing on engagement photo session? They are the best way to get to know your photographers, learn what photos make you look amazing & you end up with great keepsake photos that capture your relationship at such a special time!

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