Happy World Photo Day !


It’s August 19, 2019 so Happy World Photo Day! I have been super excited to share our memorable photo.

If you have worked with us in the past, you know that photography is our passion career. Both Becky & myself have other careers that we absolutely love, but we love to do both. Our company and our clients are incredibly important to us. Growing up, we always had portraits taken. It captured special moments and memories in our lives. Although it did help that my mom (Becky) was a photographer, it was something that was a priority for us. Looking back, I’m sure glad we did. I absolutely love going though all of our images.

Today we carry this on to our clients. I love being able to reveal images to our clients and know how important they are to them.

This past weekend we launched a contest (ending tonight, so there is still time to enter!) that was quite simple. Share with us your World Photo Day photo. Simply capture something that is important to you and then tell us why it’s important to you! We have certainly had some amazing entries and we absolutely love seeing them! Extra bonus – we put your name into a draw and someone will win a full portrait session with us!

In spirit of our contest, I wanted to show you mine.

wedding photos courtesy of Emily Exon Photography

Now I will admit I cheated a little bit and added 4, but they are all about the same thing. Family and friends. It’s probably no surprise that the most important thing for me to share, especially in photos, are our family & friends. Is there anything better?! I honestly don’t think so. These people (and more!) make life fun, interesting and joyful.

Happy World Photo Day to you, and now let’s see your image!!


PS – If you want to enter the draw, simply follow these steps


  1. Enter to win by sharing your World Photo Day photo with us. Simply take a photo capturing something that it important to you. 
  2. Share your photo with us with a brief description of why it’s important to you
  3. Win a portrait session with us!


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