July Wedding at Heritage Park

deemter-21deemter-35deemter-57deemter-68deemter-88deemter-91deemter-104deemter-106deemter-169deemter-193deemter-197deemter-198deemter-214deemter-222deemter-232deemter-236deemter-244deemter-248deemter-251deemter-255deemter-264deemter-278deemter-279deemter-290deemter-291deemter-296deemter-302deemter-348deemter-352deemter-475deemter-489deemter-524This past July we had the pleasure of photographing Jen & Gerry’s wedding. The ceremony took place on one of the only sunny days in the middle of many unusually rainy days in North Glenmore Park. The beautiful scenery as well as great family support truly made this ceremony super special.

The reception was held in the Railway Café at Heritage Park. Although the Rainy weather decided to join us again nothing could wash out Gerry & Jen’s love for each other on their special day.



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