Our Top 10 Favorite Photography Spots in Calgary – Part 2

After many years of experience, and over 6 years in business, you would think that we would settle down into a habit of doing the same sessions over & over…..That isn’t the case though! We continually meet wonderful new clients & have repeat clients with new ideas!

As a follow up to one of our most popular posts Our Top 10 Favorite Photography Spots in Calgary we thought we would share 10 more locations we have discovered an completely fallen in love with!! Some of these locations are hidden gems, and others we seem to pass by everyday without taking a closer look. 

1. Reader Rock Gardens

The Reader Rock Gardens are located to the South of Calgary’s Stampede Park. This quiet park is filled with gorgeous landscaping in a serene setting next to Union Cemetery. “This historic garden is a tribute to one man’s passion for plants and beauty. William Roland Reader was the Superintendent for The City of Calgary Parks from 1913 – 1942 who transformed a bare hillside into an internationally-acclaimed garden.”

We love this location for it’s gorgeous scenery year-round & fantastic photo areas. Definitely a hidden gemstone of Calgary!


2. Calgary East Village

The East Village is located on the East side of downtown Calgary. This area has a fantastic combination of old history & revitalized modern shops, businesses & art pieces. This area is a photographer’s playground and makes getting some urban feeling photos.


3. North & South Glenmore Park

The Glenmore Reservoir is home to many locations & activities on both the North & South sides. This location is a perfect spot for gorgeous natural settings with a mixture of native Alberta plants, a wide spread body of water, docks & much more.

For your next session, why not come and explore the park even more with us?



4. Lougheed House

The Lougheed House is a “…grand sandstone prairie mansion [that] was built in 1891 and enlarged in 1907.”(Lougheed house). This gorgeous structure is a magnificent backdrop for all types of sessions, and year-round. There are stunning landscaped gardens amongst the cascading steps in front of the house. A perfect photography spot with hints of old Calgary beauty.


5. Bowness Park

Bowness Park is located in the Northwest quadrant of the City next to the Bow River. After the 2013 floods a lot of work was done to revitalize the park back into a place for everyone to enjoy. Since the completion of the work, the park once again features may beautiful areas. Some of our favorites include the tea house, the train, the lagoon and the views by the river.

This location offers so much and we simply love it for it’s versatility.



6. Cranston

Cranston is a gorgeous new neighborhood in Southeast Calgary. Along with many of the new area in Southeast Calgary there are a few great areas that provide an excellent backdrop!


7. Princes’ Island Park

Prince‘s Island Park is considered to be Calgary’s Urban Oasis. Built originally in the 1950s this park is home to many festivals & events. Due to its central location, gorgeous natural areas next to the river & historic buildings of downtown Calgary, it is the perfect spot for photographs. We love this area in every season too!!


8. McDougall Center

The McDougall Center is another great location in downtown Calgary. The building itself is a great sample of Calgary’s sandstone building history. We love this location for it’s historical building architecture, surround water features & urban setting.A hidden gem amongst the hustle & bustle of downtown its perfect for weddings & engagements.


Nicole-Lynn Photography (1)
Calgary Engagement Photography at Parc Café

Nicole-Lynn Photography (3)Nicole-Lynn Photography (6)


9. Fort Calgary

Fort Calgary is truly a historic site for Calgary & offers fantastic backdrops both inside and out. We have had the privilege to watch as extensive restoration efforts have taken place. With each project the area gains more beauty. With a true reflection of the scarlet red of the North West Mounted Police evident throughout accents around the fort it offers a unique and exciting backdrop for your photographs.


10. Edworthy Park

Edworthy Park has to be one of our favorite locations on the west side of the city. This location offers the most beautiful view of downtown Calgary as well as parks, historic Douglas Fir trees & of course the Bow River. We love this location for its versatility for everyone and every age.



So there you have it, another 10 great locations for your session in Calgary! Of course, we are always searching & hunting for new spots, what are your favorite locations? Let us know by commenting below!


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